“Taking time each day to relax and renew is essential to living well.”

Welcome to PECESPA, your fish spa center in Fuerteventura. Take some time for yourself and enjoy the many benefits of ichthyotherapy: it’s time for you to enjoy a wonderful foot spa!


What is it?

The Ichthyotherapy is a totally natural system that basically consists of small suctions of the fish called GARRA RUFA that produce a pleasant comfort. These fish selectively exfoliate, and by removing dead skin cells, your skin will be cleaner. So, when you come to our fish spa in Fuerteventura you will notice that when the fish suck the dead skin they secrete DITRANOL. This is an enzyme containing ANTHRALINE, which stimulates the growth of new skin cells. Since they have no teeth, these fish (GARRA RUFA) remove dead skin cells by suction, leaving the skin clean, soft and healthy. All this makes for a great foot spa experience.

Treatments available at Pecespa

We are the wellness center that pampers and takes care of you in every detail! Meet below all the treatments we offer in Pecespa, plus our fish spa service in Fuerteventura: discover them now!

A spectacular experience, David and I found your business and it was great. He had a full pedicure and I tried the experience with the little fishes and we were delighted with their good work. But I have to emphasize that what we loved the most was the treatment of the girls, chatting with Lucia as a lifetime super nice. I encourage you to give your feet a well-deserved treatment, rest, massage and fish. On top of that he recommended us where to eat, great. A kiss girls, good luck.